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This is the initial firing of a year one 350 crate engine, manufactured by Hi-Tech in my 1979 Nova. It dyno’d at 420 HP

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25 Responses to “Year One Power Crate 350 Engine”

  • didscodan:

    thanks; the motor is not for sale. Check back in a few years.

  • didscodan:

    I’ll keep it in mind, thanks.

  • didscodan:

    I doubt that will hurt it… Block is full of water.

  • SHEEK905:

    Nice ride tho.

  • GuitarRockz91:

    If i’m not mistaken the motor comes pre-broken in after being thoroughly inspected and tuned at the facilities.

  • GibsonMaster45:

    yo when that paint burned, it was probly saying dont fuck with me.

  • Lastspark:

    If you fuck a engine up by revving it like that, the engine was junk to start with. Build a engine for what you want to use it for, if it can’t handle it, you didn’t get the right parts.

  • 65JD5010:

    Wow do you guys know anything about engines?????????????????? What the fuck do you think Year One or GM Performance does when they Dyno them to test the hp and lbs???????????????????????

  • zabcod:

    yeah; anyone who says revving the pants off it is a bad thing has obviously never built a motor.

    if you built it right, you should be able to install it, tune it, and take it out and blast it on the first day/startup. example: wilroc sprint cars and lites around here have built 360s injected and tuned to hell; when a new engine is installed, they break it in ON THE TRACK @ HIGH RPM. and those engines go on to produce 600+ hp.

  • Baseballstud5964:

    fuckin idiot

  • sgraves1966:

    i got one myself after 100 miles the rocker arm basically shattered at the base. metal everywhere. warranty wont get me a new motor just a new rocker arm or a 4 week plus stay while the manufacture fixes it. and who says they clean the motor for metal pieces….. i guess this is not the first time these motors have had this happen. Im going GM PERFORMANCE from now on. so keep your eyes open with these motors . good lookin car though

  • didscodan:

    @sgraves1966 – What other problems have you heard about? Mine has been very good thus far. My one complaint is they did not shave the sharp edge in the block where the distributor goes in, but this may simply be like this from factory. A minor issue, but one that can cause problems when you stab the aluminum distributor in the block you may easily get some shavings if the block is sharp.

  • sgraves1966:

    @didscodan thats all i know of a lot of people complain about how the intakes were cast look un refined with the excess on it. but ya mine started out as a tick year one said i should adjust them and it was probably an exhaust leak that really was not noticable till you drove it.

  • sgraves1966:

    @didscodan i have just been really frustrated with the customer service from hi tech i believe its called is the engine builder. cuz there is tiny peices of metal all through out my motor now that which was un for a short period of time so i dont know what damage could have been caused and the best they offered was to replace what broke. basically possible sticking me with a motor that wont see 20000 miles now.

  • sgraves1966:

    @didscodan im going to talk to year one today and see if i can just get the parts and do it myself im not really to trust worthy of a company that is obviously only about profit not customer satisfaction. i have nothing against year one they have been very helpful. just the engine builder has not held there part what so ever apparently year one told them to call me and they never did

  • julieyard1:

    year one is a good company with a good rep., thebuilder blueprints and dyno these engines.
    revving it is not gonna damage it , it’s already broken in.
    nice car and damm good motor for the price.
    the only problem i got is those plug wires. ha ha. (pretty em up)
    i bet that motor will be 2500 in a couple of years,theyr’e gonna put the 383s on the back burner.

  • 65JD5010:

    @kejuan98 Hey man I bought the same motor added MSD, Hooker Headers and exhuast, flowmasters, Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Intake, Edelbrock 600 Carb, K@N Edelbrock Air Cleaner. Its in a 1980 Bandit Trans Am with a 400 turbo, we have road tested it, it hauls ass, great power, they are not slugs. I am going to re-dyno it and I have been told it will be around 335hp!!!!!

  • aknowneemus:

    @julieyard1 Exactly!
    yearone dynos these motors and theyve already been “revved up” at the builders dyno.I believe in the yearone company but every co. has some issues.
    I’m also tired of hearing “stroker”everywhere i go. Finally these 350s will shut those people up! If you want 500hp then go with a stroker, but 400+ is plenty for me. At 3 grand you can’t beat this deal.!

  • petes67bird:

    Hey how you likin the motor, I bought one too but from Derebery performance in Texas. I talked to Hi Tech and reviewed them, and they scored poorly. Leon at Derebery has been a leader in race marine engines for a number of years so I went with them. I will try and get a video up soon of the engine install.

  • petes67bird:

    Forgot to add, Leon also let me ship my Carb/distributor and ran the dyno with my components. He set the timing and left everything on, its one less step for me to do. It was no extra charge, I also sent them three cans of VHT Chevy Orange Spray paint and they painted the block for me at no charge. He really is a great person to deal with.

  • leebob86:

    @sgraves1966 Damn….. If you want built, high performance, I suggest going to Proformance Unlimited.

    See the vids from crateengines.

  • julieyard1:

    I agree that dollar for dollar this is the best deal anywhere. If you want 400+ HP!
    And yes, if you want more HP go with a stroker.
    very few people need more than 400+ H.P.


    Im trying to get a 383, a 350. or a 454 for my 91′ Caprice this December. Not for racing or anything like that but because the car feels like its not going anywhere with the stock 305 in it. I need more power…. any tips?

  • optymusprimelol:

    how much did this one set you back?

  • mustang2005:

    amazing how easy it is to tune these engines compared to engines today where you need an expensive program to tune the computer

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